Why we study bilinguals…

A concise and unsensationalistic explanation of why we study bilinguals and what we mean when we talk about the “Bilingual Advantage” by Susan Bobb from Northwestern University: The buzz about bilingualism

And read the full article that follows by Kroll, Hoshino and Bobb to learn more. #CLS #PennState


I think, therefore digo yo…

My paper on the variable position of 1sg yo , written with my dear colleague and friend Nicole Benevento, is now available online at the International Journal of Bilingualism. This paper will appear in print form as a part of a special issue titled “Code-switching in the community: unraveling contact-induced change,” containing papers on many different topics of interest in New Mexican Spanish-English code-switching as found in the NMSEB corpus (Torres Cacoullos & Travis, in preparation).

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The final, definitive version of this article will be published in The International Journal of Bilingualism by SAGE Publications, Ltd. All rights reserved. © Nicole M. Benevento & Amelia J. Dietrich

Hello world!

Hello world!

In an attempt to get my web presence under control I’m venturing into the world of web design (for dummies). My iPhone makes that much less intimidating to me than it has been in the past. More to follow soon, especially information about my professional/academic pursuits in the areas of bilingualism, language processing, corpus linguistics and code-switching.

Hasta luego!