PA Linguistics on the front page of The Daily Collegian

It is a good day when the university newspaper features a linguistic — yes! LINGUISTIC! — topic on the front page.

That day is made even better when you realize the author has received their linguistic training at least in part by you and your colleagues. *snaps*

As for the eastside/westside dialectal battle … I’m mostly Philly (I grew up just north of there), but I don’t “yous.” Here in State College, I feel like that puts me in the minority. Despite being the geographic center of the state, this town is definitely full of dialectal westsiders.

Do you agree? What are you? Do people “yinz” or “yous” in other parts of the country?


I think, therefore digo yo…

My paper on the variable position of 1sg yo , written with my dear colleague and friend Nicole Benevento, is now available online at the International Journal of Bilingualism. This paper will appear in print form as a part of a special issue titled “Code-switching in the community: unraveling contact-induced change,” containing papers on many different topics of interest in New Mexican Spanish-English code-switching as found in the NMSEB corpus (Torres Cacoullos & Travis, in preparation).

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The final, definitive version of this article will be published in The International Journal of Bilingualism by SAGE Publications, Ltd. All rights reserved. © Nicole M. Benevento & Amelia J. Dietrich

Seen on the Streets of State College…

A very average-in-every-way, short, college-age girl carrying a shoulder bag and taking smallish steps as she walks head-up, looking straight ahead.

Very close behind her-VERY close-a much taller white guy, an artist type who I see around town in gesso-smeared jeans, matching her gait step for step while carrying some kind of log or branch or something in both hands behind his back, resting just above his butt.

I watch them for two blocks. They don’t speak or acknowledge one another in any way, but when she makes a quick beeline around a dubious spot on the sidewalk he matches those irregular steps and path, as well.